Blog For A Cause

You can help make a difference by writing and/or contributing content to this website. If you’re a blogger and already have a website/blog, you can gain visibility and visits for your own website or social profiles.

When Writing a blog remember;

  • Find your focus
  • Be relatable, be yourself
  • Use links within your posts
  • Include images
  • Respond to blog comments
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Anywhere Else You Can
  • Limit your word count

Editing and Revision

All blog submissions will be copy-edited by a proof-reader for clarity, consistency of style, spelling mistakes, and extra punch if needed. The author will review all edits and revisions before the blog is posted in the website. Once agreed on a final version, we will notify the author of the publishing date within one week, depending on the publishing queue or communications related to specific events.

Promotion Post-Publication

Your blog story will be posted onto website and sent to members and subscribers. Also posted in our Facebook page and groups plus, shared via Twitter, LinkedIn accounts.

In order to ensure maximum outreach, we encourage all blog authors to share their published blogs stories via their own personal social media accounts and friends/contacts in order to create buzz and engagement.

Post Guidelines

Please keep your post relevant to the community. This includes questions you might have about sexual orientation or gender identity issues or other personal issues you might be dealing with, as well as content you feel might be of interest to the community, friends and our allies.


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