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Step2 Direct

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Contact Information
Point Cook, Victoria, Australia 3030
Phone: 1300 665 882

Shopping at Step2 Direct will make your children happy

Being one of the largest American manufacturers and world's largest molder of plastics, Step2 is sure to have all the toys that your preschoolers and toddlers want. Step2 Direct is the longest serving distributor within Australia, for all Step2 products. They promise fast, reliable and professional service to all of their customers.

The factory and the head office are based in Ohio, USA, and the Step2 products are imported directly from the USA factory. They put the passion behind the way they work, and how they live, just to make children, moms and families smile. Step2 Direct will do everything they can, big or small, just to help you find the perfect toy for your kids.

With their products, you have 3-years of warranty, 30-days money back guarantee and the dispatch is within 24 hours. Not to mention that Step2 Direct has some incredible award-winning high-quality toys and great customer service.

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