Daylesford Victoria – one of the highest proportions of gay couples.

Daylesford/Gaylesford, in country Victoria, is now one of the 10 places in Australia with the highest proportions of gay couples.

ON FIRST glance it seems like any other historic Australian country town.

The roads are wide and lined with trees; a grand post office, topped with a turret, stands at one end of the main street; a turn of the century pub with a wide balcony shading the footpath below, at the other. But look closely and you may spy something different about Daylesford, located an hour and half north of Melbourne.

Many buildings sport not just Australian flags, but rainbow ones too. That kid holding hands with his parents could well have two mums

“It’s been gay here for a long time,” Merryn Tinkler, who lives in nearby Hepburn, told “At times it seems every second person is gay and that’s why we love it so much here.”

The town of 2500, at the foot of the Great Dividing Range, is one of the increasing number of regional towns and outer suburbs LGBTI Australians are calling home.

Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) census data has revealed that LGBTI people, who used to commonly pack together for safety and community in inner city enclaves, are on the move.

The passing of same-sex marriage laws and an increasing acceptance of gay people has spurred the migration.

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