Many people everywhere that I talk to no matter where I go are starting to see numbers more and more. It has been such a cool rush for me to connect with people and be able to help them understand that there not alone on this interesting phenomenon and to help open up a whole new world of feeling carried by the universe through decoding and understanding the meaning and messages from spirit through these numbers.
    Even if you haven’t noticed or been drawn to particular numbers or number sequences, know that once you start to be open to this idea you will start to see them all the time and feel comforted by knowing in a big way that you are never alone.  The accuracy of the meaning to what is happening in your life at the time of seeing them is amazing. They really do become a part of your life for good.  It has been one of the coolest discoveries for me during my awakening.
    We all love to know that we are on the right path in life so receiving number messages is a great way to do that. The first number you usually start to see is 11.11 this number code is a wakeup call and is believed to be the code that gets us to remember our purpose in life. I have found that earth angels see this number often as a way to remember to be a beacon of light for others and to continue on your path and help others do the same. It’s the number of initiation into messages through numbers.
    My first full-on experience with seeing numbers after the initial 11.11 was mind-blowing and an experience that I will never forget and really has changed my life in a big way. I was asleep and woke up so abruptly sitting up in my bed and spun urgently to look at my alarm clock. It was really weird as that had never happened before. It’s funny as I for years now like most people, use my mobile phone as my alarm to wake up but at that time my phone was not working(a common ascension trait) so I had bought a digital clock.
    The time read 5:55 and as I was looking at the time I heard a very soft but stern female voice telling me something, it was like she was telling an order of what was going to happen to me, I was half asleep but I knew that I had to remember what she said when I get up .I went back to sleep and when waking at the usual time of 8am i could not for the life of me remember what she said! I only remember that she was telling me an order of events that would take place, it was frustrating not remembering but also really fascinating because I had never been woken to here a voice before and drawn to the time like I had that morning.
    Like with everything that was different or felt significant to me spiritually I got straight on my computer and typed a search for the spiritual meaning of the number 555. I found a site by a woman named Joanne Sacred called Angel numbers and to my surprise, there were meanings for numbers from 1 to 1400! So excitedly I clicked on number 555 to find out what it meant for me.
    555 Indicates that major life changes are in store for you- in a very big way! Angel number 555 tells us that significant changes and transformations are here for you and you have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve as a spiritual being. Your true life purpose and path are awaiting you…
    Seeing that very first sequences and in the powerful way it happened and feeling that incredible inner knowing of truth from that message was the most wonderful experience because from that moment more and more sequences started appearing in really cool ways to validate not only my purpose as an awakener for others and really get involved in spreading spiritual awareness  but to feel comforted knowing that I have spiritual protection and angels all around me, loving me and encouraging me even on the darkest of days.
    The most common numbers that people are seeing are below:
    111- Monitor your thoughts as they are rapidly manifesting so make sure to only think of what you DO want, not what you don’t want. A great reminder that we get what we focus on and are more powerful than we often think. I also feel that this number is a big fat YES to whatever we are thinking at that time, whether what we are thinking is good or bad. It’s like the angels draw us to the attention of that number as to inform us they agree with what we are thinking.
    222- I love seeing this number as it is telling us to trust that everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to with divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith!
    333- This number is powerful and one of my favorites. It tells us that ascended masters who are the wisest oldest souls in spirit are working with you. You are completely surrounded, protected, loved and guided by the ascended masters. Usually, when counseling others and wise words seem to flow from you, this number will appear around that time. I always feel a warm sensation in my heart when i see this number.
    444- I remember first seeing this number when i was putting petrol in a container for my lawnmower, the dollar amount came to $4.44 and at that time I had been very sad as i had recently broken up with a boyfriend it was a very confusing time for me so seeing this number  sequence made me feel safe. It means that you are surrounded by so many heavenly beings and that you are very much loved guided and comforted and have nothing to fear.
    555-Major life changes are in store and rippling throughout your entire being, changes that are for the better so continue visualisinz yourself being happy and living your dreams.
    666-dont be fooled by the material world and delude yourself with being wrapped up in material concerns.
    777-I love seeing this number it is a great reminder when you may be doubt about a direction in life. It means that you are on the right path in every area of your life so get excited! Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue on this illuminated path. Keep up the good work!
    888- Now this is a wonderful number to see. It means that you have complete financial backing from the Universe. Money is flowing in your direction. Open your arms and receive! I find that some kind of a bonus or windfall happens either the day you see this sequence or with a few days of seeing it.
    999-You are at the end of an important chapter in your life. You are being called to fully live your mission and purpose as a healer of any sort for humanity, no need to hesitate just continue to power on with your life purpose!
    000- You have come full circle in a situation and are to continue to listen to your intuition and know that you are one with god. You are a powerful being and have the ability to manifest all that you desire into your life!


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