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Please help us by taking part in this 5-minute survey about Sex, Gender, Orientation, education and Sexual health. Your participation would be appreciated.

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LGBTIQ+ individuals and same-sex couples have existed since the beginning of time. So, it’s more shocking to hear that even though the full spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation is still not fully understood, people are still discriminated against; the way they’re born and/or whom they are romantically and sexually attracted to.

I know some will say “who cares” but, some people do – that is why Australia had to have a multi-billion-dollar plebiscite to vote on marriage equality. According to the ABS; More than 7.8 million people voted “yes” to same-sex marriage, across multiple minority groups and communities.

The goal of this survey is to help us better understand the trends of gender and sexual fluidity in society.

What we don’t collect

We don’t, and won’t ask for any personal information that can be linked back to you, such as your name, address, phone numbers or social media profiles. This survey is completely anonymous, and all questions are optional.

What do we collect

All other information such as city, age group, health status, gender, sexuality, preferences, social habits, interests, or any type of feedback you provide is kept in confidence.

History – is 10% of the world’s population really gay

Is 10% of the population really gay?

Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894 – 1956) was an American biologist and sexologist, as well as a professor of entomology and zoology.

In 1935, Kinsey delivered a lecture to a faculty discussion group at Indiana University, his first public discussion of the topic, wherein he attacked the “widespread ignorance of sexual structure and physiology” and promoted his view that “delayed marriage” (that is, delayed sexual experience) was psychologically harmful.

Kinsey obtained research funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which enabled him to further study human sexual behavior. In 1953 he published two separate reports about Sexual Behaviour, in the Human Male and Female, both of which reached the top of the bestseller lists.

These publications later became known as the Kinsey Reports. Later, in 1973, when Voeller was putting together the NGTF campaign, he went back to Kinsey’s estimates that showed, around 7% for women and 13% for men had, had homosexual attractions for more than 3 years. He then, calculated the average to get the headline figure: 10% of the population was gay.

No surprise, the slogan “one in 10 of the US population was gay”, was one of the NGTF’s most prominent gay and lesbian rights movements; regardless this figure has deeply and passionately been contested, for years.

But, honestly, the truth is that very little data about these subjects and topics – actually exist or are easily accessible to the public. Hence, a reason to conduct this survey. The goal is to use this survey and report to help shed some light and understanding on the situation. You can help by, being a part of this survey too. Thank you.

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